Accounts Receivable

Why Accounts Receivable Financing is Good for Business

Accounts receivable financing turns unpaid invoices into a quick cash source. The financing program offered by Genesis Commercial Capital is a competitive option for businesses that need quick funding, including those with financial difficulties.

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

When financing receivables, Genesis Commercial Capital purchases unpaid invoices at a discount and assumes all debt collection responsibilities. Customers enjoy access to the cash they can use for payroll, operating expenses, inventory, and other essential business expenses without accruing debt. That means no worrying about expensive monthly payments and risky personal guarantees.

The Benefits of Financing with Us

We provide generous financing with reasonable terms and treat all our customers with utmost respect and professionalism. In keeping with those practices, we offer the following terms and benefits:

  • No-cost credit insurance
  • Funding within 24 hours
  • Options for start-up companies
  • Access to more cash as sales increase
  • Freedom from loan boards

Our financing takes the strain off accounts receivable staff and reduces the time and money dedicated to pursuing unpaid debts. Companies get the money they need and more time to focus on the critical aspects of running a business.

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