Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business with Purchase Order Financing

Many small- and medium-sized businesses rely on suppliers to provide finished goods and products that the business then sells to its customers. Typical businesses that rely on this are warehouses, B2B companies, exporters, online sellers, and many others.

In some cases, businesses have insufficient working capital to pay their suppliers in a timely fashion. This can be especially the case if a particularly large order for presold goods comes in from a client.

These are situations when purchase order financing can be a prudent option. Here at Genesis Commercial Capital, we offer this type of financing.

Reasons to Use Purchase Order Financing

Here are a few outstanding reasons why purchase order financing can make sense for your business:

  • You can make your customer deliveries on time
  • You can fulfill large client orders
  • You have no need to take out a loan
  • You have the distinct ability to expand your market share

Furthermore, the funding arrives quickly and can be deployed in any way that your business plan can best use it.

Call on Us

We await your call so that we can answer any additional questions that you may have about purchase order financing. Indeed, if you have already made up your mind, we can get the short and simple application process started today.